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I am looking for a fertile girls who is interested in exploring various kinks on a regular basis that would require trust and willing participation as a submissive and wanna get pregnant with my bull sperm.

Am 34 bull had fun with 8 Cuckold couples, two where mature couples. I know what the mature woman needs,I...

 Bull for Couples /  Chennai / 82 views

Real pic it's hard as you see ... Call me directly if you need the service let's talk Hercules and...

 Young Bull /  Chennai / 125 views

Primary kinks are adult nursing/abf lactation, oral, public sex, bondage/restraints. Curious to try out fisting, spanking, choking and rough handling in general, milking etc.

There are more obscure kinks that I am happy to share details about in the later stages of getting to know each other.

Would gladly oblige with any of your kinks too if you have any, except scat.

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So if you need a pregnancy, just call me. High sex drive, thick very huge loads off bullcum. Im a ormal bull for females, fucker without condom – m4f – hardcore stamina sex. only for real girls, Chennai Bull for Couples.


Subject: Chennai Breeding Bull

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