Ex-Military, Male Escort fucked 1800+, Impregnated 45 ladies


(Paid audio/Video call & videos available)

Fucked 1800+ M/F, Cuckolds, Couples.

IMPREGNATED 45 ladies on their request globally.

Former Defense Officer, Sexual Wellness Coach. I teach about Diet, Yogic moves, mood & more to perform well.

Emotional Therapist for your unexpressed / untold emotions that hurts you.

Travelled worldwide for BREEDING / Sex / Counseling. Open to travel anywhere with prior appointment.

Watching yourself or your partner Husband/Wife/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Secretary being pounded by me will give you immense joy.

This is global if you pay.

Subject: “Ex-Military Breeder India”

SEX TIP!   Bull Breeder from Canada

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