Seeking a Lady to turn into a sexy wet HUCOW


I seek a lady turn into a sexy wet nurse, to make lactate and possible transform into a hucow.

That means you’ll be trained to be naked, collared on all four, being physically milked, your breasts will be made to produce milk and kept horny to be mounted regularly. Its not a requirement to have large breasts! for some yes but not with me for me it is also the idea that the hucow be kept naked on all 4.

There will be regular milking/pumping of your breasts to milk or milk you, but while this happens, it is both to focus on breasts as an erotic zone but quite as much also to make you experience and feel like a milking cow. Your pussy and holes will be stimulated and mounted while the machine milks you.

SEX TIP!   UK Bull 8"

Age, race, marital status, etc. not important.

If interested and want to know more contact me.

I am 50yo dom master bull from Canada.

Subject: “Dom Master CA”

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