How to become an Escort


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This is our service for your:

  • Get your own website! (*/yourname)
    • * = you can select: boy, bull, male, fucker, gigolo, playboy or callboy
  • Get your own form for client requests
    • you get the mails directly!
  • Get your own booking and calendar form
    • tell your clients your status and free times!
  • Get our verification button and ratings!
    • show others that you are real
  • Upload your Pictures (also protected with an password possible!)
    • you can upload new pictures anytime
  • Upload your rates and information
    • tell your prices
  • Free Marketing on this site!
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Professional Escort Guide – get the job and earn money with sex!

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be a male escort / gigolo / callboy – playboy jobs

Be a Gigolo for females

  1. Set your own unique Nickname
  2. Make some good quality pictures (also nude ones)
  3. Set your on and offs (likes and dislikes)
  4. Find a good agency or agent
  5. Make some advertising on the internet
  6. Be safe, healthy and on-time
  7. Give your client satisfaction

How much money Escorts make?

Thats not easy to say… it depends on your country, location and services. But good guys can get $300-$5000 per night. it will be depend on your stamina, cock size and body. But there are also good chances for fat or very hairy gigolos.

Is there an age limit to becoming an escort?

Yes. You must be legal age. Mostly its 18 or 21 years old, but there are always older and mature gigolos available. Just provide your real age and become an escort job now! Gigolo Jobs are very rare!


Pick a first and last name for your escort identity. Get 3-4 sexual health checks per year to keep yourself safe. Find out the laws in your region or country before you begin working.


If you like to know more, just contact us and we can give you more information about our escort business, give you clients and be your agency. Our Agency is free for good gigolos and callboys.

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